Electricity is a Podcasted Novel by Myke Bartlett, author of "How to Disappear Completely." A new chapter appears every Tuesday.

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Myke Bartlett is an author who has lived in a variety of places but calls Melbourne home for now.


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Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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Electricity: a podcasted novel by myke bartlett


Aston Somerfield, casual smoker and part-time alcoholic, has come to London to find himself. He knows who he's looking for, he's seen him on the cover of the NME. Drawn across oceans by fame and fate, Aston is keeping his diary empty to make sure he's available. Won't commit to anything until it's everything.

London, however, has other ideas.

When a virtual stranger calls Aston a few hours before his death, fate catches up with him, derailing his barely-made plans. Amid a hundred boozy evenings and romantic deadends, a mystery unfurls.

Equally assisted and hindered by tremulous accountant Tom Hensley and dedicated loafer Steven Black, Aston uncovers a different London, one of murder, ghosts, dangerous emails and the second big bang.

As chaotic and random as the city it inhabits, Electricity gradually evolves into a mystery bigger than the universe itself. Being of a somewhat useless persuasion, Aston does his best to ignore it.


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    Friday, June 15, 2007


    Thanks Gail for pointing out the comments weren't working on this site! After a bit of fiddling with the template, I think I've got them working now.

    If you're enjoying Electricity so far (or even if you're not) please leave your reviews and comments below!


    Myke Bartlett


    Aha! After "0 Comments" there's now an "add a comment" link. Looks like it works! - Gail
    I am enjoying Electricity - a lot. And I like this website better.
    I too am enjoying it immensely - you have ruined me for all the other free audiobooks out there. I like the song clips, and your audio quality has improved (it never was bad). Excellent writing and narration - thank you for making this available!

    Kath C.
    Was stunned by how much I was enthralled by How to Disappear Completely, and am thoroughly enjoying Electricity. I was trying to resist listening until you had put up at least half the book but I caved liked a spineless worm maybe...2 or 3 hours after I found it!

    Your narration and pacing of the novels is good, almost too good. It makes it hard sometimes to read other things that DONT have your voice narrating them. I swear, I can't go to a restaurant now without wishing Kilbey Salmon was nattering on about the catch of the day, and Nero grumbling about how he never got any water with his meal.

    Thanks for the great listen and I look forward to (read: waiting impatiently for) Electricity: Chapter 3

    I'm enjoying your choice of music. (It's not familiar to me at all but that's hardly surprising!) You spend a lot of time on the podcast, Myke, and it shows. Just searching for music has to be a major investment of time.

    From time to time I reflect that there are many teachers on my subscription list and I wonder what the affinity is between teaching and good podcasting. Organization? Ease in front of an audience? Whatever. It works.

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  • 'Electricity' is Copyright © Myke Bartlett 2004/2007